Because I can’t

When you go beyond the normal, people will begin to ask you why. Why do you want to hike the <insert long distance trail here>? Why do you want to run a marathon? And for me most recently, why would you want to run 100 miles? Aren’t you happy with what you have already accomplished?

The glib answer would be “because I can.” It would end the conversation, but it’s not sincere, at least not for me. It deflects the question so you don’t have to get at the heart of why you want to do something most people consider unusual or perhaps even foolish. It also is a tad bit boastful and gives the appearance that you know what you are doing when in reality you probably have no clue what you are getting yourself into.

For me, the opposite answer is true. I want to run 100 miles because I can’t … at least right now I can’t. Hopefully after a few months of training, I can and will run my first hundred miler. What drive me is the challenge of starting at point A and progressing to point B through consistency and hard work. Day in and day out improving myself to be a better runner, wife, mother and co-worker.

It’s also the dreamy thought .. maybe I can. Maybe I can run 100 miles. The only way to find out is to give it my best and try. If I fail, I’ll pick myself up and try again. If I succeed, then I can celebrate in that moment and look forward to the next challenge that lies ahead of me.

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